Finding Peace and Beauty in Mount Isarog: The Stone House Garden Resort Day Out

*The author is in no way connected with the resort. Neither is this post a paid review or advertisement. This is simply about one weekday get-away she recently had with friends.
The Plan

My friend Liz texted that she'd be going home to Bicol for a three-day vacation with Kay, her college roommate in UPLB.  Kay came all the way from Bacolod and before proceeding to a Coron trip, decided to go to Bicol first. So it's important to give her a good time =) Liz asked for some suggestions and we brainstormed for fun destinations that will fit in their schedule.

Of course, on top of the list is Albay for a view of Mount Mayon, followed by Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex (CWC), being the nearest and most convenient. The traveling duo also decided to head to Donsol, Sorsogon for a Butanding-watching adventure. All these they intended to visit (and actually did) on the second and third days of their vacay. The location for the first day, however, was the question. We crossed out  Caramoa…

A Stormy Bagasbas and Some Musings on Life, Family, the Beach and Approaching 30 =)

Whenever I go to the beach, I just can't help but write about it and gush about my feelings on how the vastness of the sea and the beauty of nature amaze me, even if I almost sound like somebody high on something hehe. Who can blame a beach junkie? =)

Some years back, I wrote a post about Bagasbas beach (If you are interested to know more about Bagasbas, please refer to this previous post). Up to now I still go back to those afternoon memories with my good friends, Cheekay and Von. It was then that Cheekay mastered her driving, not to mention her shooting skills (with a camera! that is), with Von being her ever patient mentor. It was also then that I first ate at Kusina ni Angel, which has now become a favorite. It represents a time of carefree fun and spontaneity, as well as fearlessness (for having braved the big waves of Bagasbas). 

Without intending to exaggerate, that Bagasbas trip some years back pretty much illustrates my life in my 20s. I was very much like the happy, empowe…

JUAG FISH SANCTUARY: The Off the Beaten Path Wonder of Matnog, Sorsogon (Part II)

This post is the continuation of my previous one regarding our excursion at the beautiful yet oft-mysterious town of Matnog, Sorsogon. As I have stated in an earlier post, Matnog is one of the farthest provinces in the Island of Luzon, as it lies on the very tip of the Sorsogon province in the Bicol Region. Because it faces the Pacific Ocean, Matnog is also an ingress/egress to and from the other islands of the Philippines, the Visayas and Mindanao islands.

Matnog is more often known for its bustling port that plays an important role in transportation and commerce. However, apart from Matnog's importance to travel and commerce, the town can also be a tourist's paradise with its white sand beaches and fish sanctuary, which can be reached through a rented banca within several minutes.
Our first location for our rendezvous was the Subic Island Liit (previous post) also known as la playa rosa because of the pinkish tinge of its white sand.

Our tour guides were also talking about Su…